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Understanding the business of medicine and how to go about finding the “right” job are not part of a physician’s medical training. Utilize our expertise, time, and manpower to successfully guide you through this process.
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You may not know that there are different types of recruitment firms and that working with most can negatively affect your chances of securing a position. Let us educate you on these risks so that you don’t miss out on your ideal job.
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The best jobs in the best locations are not listed on Internet job boards nor found through recruiting firms. It takes a different approach and we can walk you through this process to uncover the most attractive job openings.
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You invested a lot of time and money to become a physician and your next contract is worth millions of dollars. Do not underestimate your ability to negotiate your contract and let our team of experts (MD, DO, JD, MHA, & MBA) protect your future.

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The interview is over, and you have determined that both the location and practice sound like a great match for your first practice out of residency.

In fact, you might be so anxious to start your career as a practicing physician that you’re tempted to sign the contract right away.

Not so fast!


A typical physician employment contract often exceeds 10 to 15 pages and is filled with language appropriately referred to as “legalese.” The goal of the contract is to spell out the responsibilities of both the health care organization and the physician throughout the employment period.

But unless you have previously reviewed a large number of them, it is very difficult to identify the deficiencies of an employment contract. It’s hard to identify which clauses could have significant implications in your career. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that you have an attorney who specializes in physician contracts review any employment document you’ll sign.

Remember: These contracts were written by the attorney of the employer to protect their interests. There is too much at risk for you to not do the same.

Your contract is worth millions of dollars, and the terms will have a great impact on your professional and personal satisfaction with your new role.

Does your employment contract need review? Premier Physician Agency can help. Click here to arrange a free consultation.

Client Testimonials

  • "I was restricted geographically in where I could practice due to a having a spouse still in residency. I had spoken to recruiters and searched for potential openings in the area for months with no luck. I contacted Premier Physician Agency at the recommendation of my program director to see if they could help. Not only did they find an opening for me to consider….they found three different options in the area that I was unable to locate on my own."
  • "With two contracts in hand, I contacted Premier to help me evaluate and negotiate on my behalf. Beforehand, I honestly didn’t know what the key items were in a contract. They walked me through everything page by page and made their recommendations for potential changes based on their experience in reviewing other contracts and the market data for compensation in my specialty. Because of their help, I was able to get changes made that helped me feel a lot better about my selected position. I wish that they had been around for my first contract out of training!"
  • "My J-1 visa limited my options in where I could go to work after my fellowship. Most of the available jobs were in rural locations. The team at Premier Physician Agency knew and understood the restrictions that I faced. They knew how to locate jobs in and closer to big cities so that I did not have to go to a small town. They also knew all of the waiver filing dates so that I knew which states still had open slots and which states did not. I continue to recommend them to all of my friends."
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